How to Convince the Boss

How to Convince the Boss

June 6, 2012

The waterboy syndrome is real, if the responses to my blog are any indication.

One commented with insight that there are two kinds of equipment managers. First, which I suggest is the majority today, are the seasoned veterans who have learned their trade on the job, without a college degree. The second type, this respondent said, are those in the second or third generation following who have college degrees of some sort or other.

The issue, he suggests, is that the more knowledgeable equipment veteran is still viewed as a glorified mechanic, and they do not feel comfortable breaking out of that role.

The solution, he says, is for upper management to recognize the veteran’s expertise and acknowledge their value to the organization. We can all agree that this needs to happen, but I am still wrestling with how to bring upper management to that conclusion.

Based on the fact that nobody posted a response to my earlier blog but chose instead to email me, I would say many worry that their uninformed managers would not appreciate this discussion.

But discussion must continue, and the volume must be turned up. How would you like to see the message carried to management?

  1. Industry article that could be passed up the ladder.
  2. Seminar at a conference attended by CFOs and upper management.
  3. Ad campaign in media read by CFOs and upper management.
  4. Other? Let me know your ideas.