Allied AMS Series Mobile Shears Have High Cutting Forces

October 4, 2012
Allied AMS Series Mobile Shears

Four new mobile shears from Allied Construction Products—AMS 30, AMS 40, AMS 50, and AMS100—have cutting forces ranging from 721 to 1,446 tons. Designed for applications such as scrap processing and demolition, the AMS Series models feature large pin diameters to handle high cutting forces, an integrated speed valve to reduce cycle time, rapid 360-degree rotation, four-way cutting blades that can be indexed to use all edges, an Auto-Guide system to prevent upper-jaw flexing, and a “High-Top” design that protects the cylinder from damage. The new mobile-shears range in weight from 7,914 to 18,300 pounds and fit hydraulic excavators with minimum operating weights ranging from 44,000 to 100,000 pounds.

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