Xtreme Adds Three C Series Telehandlers



Xtreme XR1555-C parked on a site.
TheXtreme XR1555-C telehandler replaces the XR1255, and has an additional 3,000 pounds of lift capacity.

Xtreme XR1347-C, XR1547-C, and XR1555-C telehandlers are C class models, bringing the company’s line to 19 offerings. Each is powered by a 120-horsepower Cummins Tier 4-F diesel and is available with foam-filled or solid tires.

The XR1547-C replaces the XR1245, and can lift 15,000 pounds to a maximum height of 47 feet. Maximum forward reach is 31 feet 6 inches. Outriggers are standard, and its operating weight is 36,800 pounds.

The XR1347-C lifts up to 13,000 pounds without outriggers, and has an operating weight of 35,200 pounds. It also has a maximum lift height of 47 feet with a maxiumum forward reach of 31 feet 6 inches.

Both 47-foot units have frame leveling up to 11 degrees, ground clearance of 16.5 feet, and a turning radius of 12 feet.

The XR1555-C replaces the XR1255, offering 3,000 pounds additional lift capacity, totaling 15,000 pounds. Maximum lift height is 55 feet, and maximum forward reach is 38 feet 5 inches. Operating weight is 38,460 pounds, and it also has frame leveling to 11 degrees. It also has a higher-capacity fuel tank than its predecessor, holding 100 gallons of fuel.

The telehandlers share a similar chassis, cab, and electrical and hydraulic systems with the XR843-B, XR944-B, XR1055-B, and XR1147-B. This helps with operator and service technician familiarity  as well as to reduce parts inventory.
All three telehandlers are electric over hydraulic.

The cab has been upgraded with a more modern, user-friendly design, and additional air vents have been installed for increased air conditioning circulation. It has new storage pockets for carrying straps, chains, and other items securely on the lift.

Three cab configurations are available: open, enclosed, or enclosed with heat and air conditioning.

The telehandlers have 360-degree operator visibility from the cab, intuitive controls that enable the operator to keep one hand on the steering wheel at all times, and a machine-rated boom lift point for safe handling of suspended loads.