Wildeck New MezzCrane™ System

September 28, 2010

The new MezzCrane™ system, from Wildeck, Inc., can be customized to meet customer needs for localized staging and storage of work-in-process or finished goods above or below the mezzanine.

The new material handling and storage solution minimizes the required footprint for manufacturing or assembly operations to increase material flow and efficiency. It combines the utility of a Wildeck® mezzanine with a 3-axis enclosed track bridge crane from Gorbel. Five configurations are available: Crane Above Mezzanine (CA), Crane Below Mezzanine (CB), Crane Above and Below Mezzanine (CAB), Crane Below and Extended Beyond Mezzanine (CBE), Crane Above and Below and Extended Beyond Mezzanine (CABE).

Depending on customer requirements, the Gorbel crane section will include everything "above the hook": high strength/smooth-moving enclosed track, crane bridge, rails, trolleys, etc. The Wildeck mezzanine will also be configured to customer requirements to include the required columns, framing, decking, Wildeck’s handrail and guard railing, safety gates for mezzanine access, stair systems (either knock-down or welded stairs), stair platforms, safety ladders, etc.