Volvo Tier 4-Final G Series Articulated Dump Trucks

March 11, 2014

G-Series articulated dump trucks—including the A25G, A30G, A35G, A35G FS, A40G and A40G FS—feature new turbocharged six-cylinder Volvo engines redesigned to adhere to Tier 4-Final emissions regulations. Also, oil-cooled wet multiple-disc brakes on the A35 and A40 models are now being introduced on the A25G and A30G. The retardation system controls downhill hauling speeds using wheel brakes and the engine brake. Automatic traction control (ATC) and unique differential locks are standard. The ATC system automatically switches between drive combinations of 6x6 and 6x4 to ensure lower fuel consumption or provide maximum traction when needed, Volvo says. If necessary, all differentials can be 100 percent locked, causing all wheels to rotate at the same speed for maximized traction in slippery conditions. The A35G, A35G FS, A40G and A40G FS can be equipped with the company’s onboard weighing system.

Watch the promotional video below.