VMAC Raptair, Raptair-MF Diesel Drive Air Compressors

October 30, 2013

VMAC's Raptair Diesel Drive Stand-Alone air compressor is now available in a Mining Safety and Health Administration (MHSA)-approved version.

The primary modification was a change to the engine. The MSHA-approved version uses a Kubota engine that runs at a slower speed than the Kubota offered in the RAPTAIR60. The slower approved engine enables the compressor to provide more than 52 cfm and the lower rpm also makes the system quieter than the 60 cfm version, VMAC says. In addition, VMAC's Raptair-MF Diesel Drive Stand-Alone air compressor is now two-speed equipped, with an idle-down feature added. The system now features two rpm speeds; low speed is 2,600 rpm and high speed is 3,600 rpm.

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