[VIDEO] Progress on Tesla’s Gigafactory in Berlin

March 24, 2020

Tesla is continuing construction work at Gigafactory Berlin despite the current pandemic. A drone video reveals the size of the first phase as Tesla starts leveling for the foundation of the building.

The YouTube channel "Tesla Kid Grunheide" posted the drone video of the site taken on March 21, showing a significant amount of active construction work. 

Tesla currently appears to be working on leveling the ground where it will build the first phase of the Gigafactory Berlin building. According to the article, Musk said Tesla will build “batteries, powertrains, and vehicles starting with Model Y at the Gigafactory. 

Tesla planned to start construction of the first building this month, and be ready to start production by July 21. According to Electrek, German media outlets reported that the virus may affect the timeline of the construction of the factory—Tesla’s first full-scale factory in Europe.

Source: Electrek