[VIDEO] NYC to Construct Temp. Hospitals

March 26, 2020
New York city's skyline.

New York governor Andrew Cuomo accepted the recommendation of the Army Corps of Engineers for constructing four temporary hospital sites in New York State to house patients diagnosed with COVID-19. According to the New York State website, the four sites where the hospitals will be built are ready to begin construction immediately. 

One hospital, constructed on the state’s SUNY College at Old Westbury, will be constructed indoors with outdoor tent support. The college’s dorms will be used for healthcare staff to stay while working at the sites. 

The government also announced that FEMA will erect four additional federal hospital facilities within the Javits Convention Center, in addition to the temporary hospital to be constructed by the Army Corps. Each of the four federal hospitals will have 250 beds and come fully equipped and staffed by the federal government.

Source: New York State & Fox 5