[VIDEO]: 3D Visual of Largest Croatian Infrastructure Project

June 4, 2019
Shot of bridge's beams from below.

Croatia’s largest infrastructure construction project is currently underway, prompting Croatian Roads to release a 3D visualization of a bridge it is building through Peljesac, a peninsula in southern Dalmatia in Croatia.

The first phase of construction on the bridge ended last month, which resulted in 148 piles and two test piles being placed. According to The Mayor, the highest part of the bridge will be around 330 feet high, and 33,700 tons of steel will be used on its construction—the same amount of metal as in the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

The bridge is due to be completed in about three years.

In addition to the bridge, the project also includes construction of 20 miles of road, where including two tunnels, two viaducts, and four bridges. Due to the project’s size and complexity, it is divided into several separate contracting entities, according to the report.

Source: The Mayor