Versatile Digital Multi-Detector

Staff | September 28, 2010

Bosch Power Tools and Accessories' hand-held DMD4K Digital Multi-Detector is capable of detecting ferrous and non-ferrous metal materials, wood studs and 120V wiring behind walls or within concrete. The Multi-Detector can detect copper up to 3-1/8 inches, steel up to four-inches deep, even in concrete, and includes Bosch-exclusive features for metal detection, including automatic calibration and a special Zoom enhanced-precision metal detection mode.

For detecting what is within a wall prior to drilling or cutting, the tool will benefit a broad range of professional users working in concrete, plumbing, and electrical. The time-saving device helps locate ferrous and non-ferrous metal materials, such as studs, pipe and rebar, before drilling applications.

Intuitive and reliable, the sensor area features a light ring that changes from green to red to clearly communicate when it passes over detected materials. The marking hole is also located in the light ring and two simple button controls change the sensing function between metal detection and wood stud detection modes. Live 120V wiring detection capability is constantly active in both modes.

For speed and convenience in metal detection, the Multi-Detector features automatic calibration, which means that users can start scanning a surface from any location, regardless of whether metal objects are actually under the start location.

Bosch developed a special Zoom feature to more precisely locate metal objects, for example, when pipes or rebar or located too close together for a standard detector or stud finder to distinguish space between them. With this added information, users can select a drilling location with more confidence. The Zoom feature also helps detect small hard-to-recognize metal objects or the center of larger metal objects for a better understanding of the size of objects behind the wall. The relative strength of the Zoom detection signal is shown in a multi-bar graph on the large easy-to-read and informative display.

The display also communicates the current mode (metal/wood), detection signal strength, calibration status, type of detected metal (ferrous or non-ferrous), Zoom status, and a five-segment indicator that displays the relative strength of voltage detection. The Multi-Detector also has an audible detection signal that can easily be switched off, if desired, and an integrated marking pencil storage slot on the bottom of the device.

The complete Bosch DMD4K Multi-Detector Kit includes two marking pencils, soft case with belt loop and 9-volt battery.