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UIC Inc.

UIC developed the Quic quick-attachment system that allows its custom attachments -- backfill blades and landscape rakes -- to grab a pair of 4-inch pins welded inside a standard excavator bucket.

September 01, 2008

UIC Quic quick coupler, backfill blade, landscape rake, and pipe implementAlabama company, UIC (Unassisted Implement Connections) Inc. developed the Quic quick-attachment system that grabs on to 4-inch pins welded inside a standard excavator bucket. On the UIC implements, 1½-inch steel hooks (painted yellow in the photo) engage the pins and hold the landscape rake, backfill blade, or pipe implement in place on the teeth of the bucket. Pockets on the back of the UIC implement keep it from moving side to side. Workload is transferred to the bucket through the bucket teeth. Quic Rake, Quic Blade and Quic Pipe implements are made in lengths that vary from 4 to 12 feet. Find out more at


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