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Toro Compaction Equipment


Vibratory Plate Compactors

Toro Compaction Equipment

Toro’s compaction equipment line was developed through the company’s acquisition of products from Stone and includes plate compactors, rammers, and a trench roller.

Toro offers three models of forward plate compactors with an eccentric force range of 2,200 to 4,000 pounds. Reversible plate compactors offer a centrifugal force range from approximately 4,950 to 14,160 pounds and feature hydraulic travel control with a safety valve. Three rammer models are available, with an impact force range of 2,650 to 3,500 pounds. The TR-34 Trench Roller is designed with 15,709 pounds of centrifugal force. Used for a variety of compaction needs from foundations to utility trenches or excavation work, the TR-34 can make tight turns and has the power needed for any job, Toro says.

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