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Topcon ES Series Total Station



Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS) announces the first reflectorless total station in its new ES series. In addition to having a new security and maintenance system (TSshield), the ES series features LongLink, a long-distance wireless communications system.
The ES is available in 1, 2, 3, 5, and 7 arc second accuracy models.
“The pinpoint EDM beam spot ensures precise measurement, especially at shallow incidence angles that outdated technology simply can not provide,” said Brice Walker, vice president of survey sales for Topcon.
The ES has a-non-prism operating distance of 1,640 feet and 13,120 feet with a prism.
Topcon’s new LongLink communications technology, featuring Bluetooth Class 1 wireless technology, has a range of up to 984 feet, and enables the ES field crew to function similarly to a robotic solution.
The ES is designed with a multi-function, telematics-based communication module that locates the instrument – TSshield. 

The telematics module, available through a future firmware update, “will prove invaluable if the instrument is misplaced or stolen,” Walker said. “You can send a coded signal to the instrument and disable it.”
Owners will also receive on-screen notices of software updates, which can be downloaded and installed over a WiFi connection anywhere in the world.
Walker said that the “ES package is further enhanced by the series having the longest battery life on a single charge in the industry – 36 hours – making it possible to work almost a full work week without recharging."

Topcon ES Series Key Features

-- Metal chassis; IP66 water/dustproof rating
-- Control panel with 10-keypad and large LCD screen
-- Environmentally protected USB port data storage
-- One-key-touch functionality

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