Topcon Acquires Voxis

September 28, 2010

Topcon Corporation of Tokyo has acquired Voxis, Inc., a United States-based company acknowledged as a global leader in laser scanner technology and high resolution motion systems.

The acquisition of Voxis of Point Richmond, CA, culminates a development relationship with Topcon of more than two years, which resulted in the recent announcement of the company’s GLS-1000 laser scanner.

Topcon developed Precise Scan Technology for the GLS-1000. The new technology not only uses "time of flight" measurement but also combines the innovative phase-based analysis technology, which results in unparalleled stable and precision accuracy measurement. The technological innovation also allows measurement over a wide area (up to 150 meters).

Norio (Nick) Uchida, general manager of Topcon Corporation’s Positioning Business Unit, said, "The Voxis agreement will strengthen the extremely positive working relationship we have had with the company for the past three years. Jerry Dimsdale (president) and Joe West (vice president of engineering) have assembled a great team of research and development engineers.

"Combining the two companies will only enhance the ability to work together in discovering the next generation of laser scanning and motion sensor technologies," Dimsdale explained. "There are massive changes coming in what we call ‘reality capture’ and we’re proud and excited to be a part of this technological revolution by assisting in accelerating Topcon’s product line."