Thornton Tomasetti Foundation Awards Double Scholarship

September 28, 2010

The Thornton Tomasetti Foundation recently awarded New York University $15,000 for scholarships for two students – one studying engineering, the other, architecture.

One scholarship was awarded to Welkinson Robert, a student at the Polytechnic Institute who will take courses at NYU’s College of Arts and Science, the other to Matthew Bouton, a student at the College of Arts and Science taking courses at Polytechnic Institute.

Robert, a junior who grew up in Elizabeth, NJ, and is majoring in civil engineering, has demonstrated particular strength in mathematics. The son of immigrants from Haiti, Robert is involved with organizations including the Construction Management Association of America, the American Society of Civil Engineers and the National Society of Black Engineers, where in summer he serves as an informal mentor and role model for students who need help with math. Robert initially considered earning a master’s degree in civil engineering with emphasis on construction management to become a field engineer. Now he is intrigued by structures like the Burj Dubai and the Chicago Spire, and is considering studies to become a structural engineer.

Bouton, a senior in the Urban Design and Architecture Studies program, arrived at NYU planning to study both architecture and Japanese culture. He was able to combine these two interests by studying the history of Japanese architecture and urban planning in Tokyo in fall 2007. This past spring, he organized an event on behalf of the Urban Design Club in New York City, where he presented on urban planning and contemporary design of Tokyo. He plans to take a civil engineering course in the spring and is considering applying for sustainable engineering programs in northern Europe, Scandinavia or Japan.