September 28, 2010

Terex T70, T90, T120 Super Quiet GeneratorsTerex has added to the Super Quiet family of generators with three new models aimed specifically at the rental market. Depending on use of electronically-controlled Cummins or Perkins engines, a choice available for each model, the T70, T90 and T120 have prime power ratings ranging 74 to 120 kVa. The base on each of the three mobile generators provides 110 percent spill containment of all on-board fluids, including fuel, coolant and oil. The cabinet features an overlapping sheet metal design that reduces noise output and water ingress. Like all Terex Super Quiet generators offered by the Genie arm of Terex , the T70, T90 and T120 come standard with a permanent magnet generator for a quicker response to changes in loads, resulting in better voltage regulation for motor starting and non-linear loads. The fuel capacity on each model provides 24 hours of continuous operation per single tank of fuel.