[VIDEO] Drone Builds Disaster Relief Shelter

June 11, 2019

MuDD architects, a Spanish firm, demonstrated a new concept in building disaster relief shelters using a drone during a recent design show in Milan, Italy.

According to an article in Science Times, the team used bamboo to create the frame of the structure, and later used drones to lift fabric onto the frame. The drone sprayed a mixture of clay, sand, and rice husk over the cover, giving the shelter a stronger and more solid foundation. Afterward, the drone blew air through a hose to dry the structure, giving it stability and flexibility—important in locations experiencing strong winds or suffering after-shocks following an earthquake.

Although a professional used controls to assist the drone in creating the structure, the drones will eventually be able to perform the house building tasks autonomously. The article reports that using drones to build homes will help keep disaster relief teams to a minimum, keeping costs down and providing shelter needed for the rescue.

Source: Science Times