Webinar: How to set up a Drone Program

Oct. 17, 2018

Tuesday, November 6, 2018
2 p.m. Central

More than one in three construction and engineering firms with $50 million+ in annual revenue are currently using drones — to save money, increase efficiency, improve worker safety, and obtain data they've never had access to before. But integrating new technology, especially drones, is complex.

This webinar is now archived for on-demand viewing

For this webinar, we’ve gathered top industry consultants and construction companies as well as our in-house subject matter experts and compared notes to see what truly makes for a successful drone program. We’ll share ideas and practical advice on how to set up your drone program for success, as well as common mistakes to avoid.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • Developing a proof of concept to demonstrate drone value
  • Setting up actionable policies and procedures that support a safe and efficient workflow
  • Training your team beyond the Part 107 certificate
  • Providing operational transparency to risk managers, legal, executives, and other stakeholders
  • Expanding drone operations throughout your organization
  • Tips on meeting regulatory and risk management requirements


Jess Moody
Marketing Director
[email protected]
Jess Moody works with customers from small businesses to enterprises to tell the stories of drone program expansion, and helps them grow their operations safely and efficiently. She has experience in public affairs and marketing in mining, oil and gas, and corporate social responsibility. Jess is a certified Part 107 drone pilot and enjoys using her Mavic to capture the pacific northwest backcountry from the aerial perspective.

Diego Barrera
Project Manager - Drone Consulting
[email protected]
Diego is responsible for the delivery of Professional Services and ensuring that customers are getting the most out of Skyward. Diego helps customers achieve success with Skyward Services in a wide range of industries including Construction, Media, Public Sector, and many others. He joined Skyward after 10 years in the legal industry from Miami and the SF Bay area. Diego is a dog-lover and foodie now based out of the Pacific Northwest.

Tariq Rashid
Chief Pilot
[email protected]
Tariq is the chief pilot at Skyward and a former U.S. Navy helicopter pilot. He is a professional services analyst and drone regulations expert who advises global enterprises on how to build and scale internal UAS programs. Tariq tapped into his aviation expertise to build and modernize standard operating procedures and best practices found in Skyward's Take Flight, a general operating manual used by businesses of all sizes. He holds a master of science in computer modeling & simulation from the Naval Postgraduate School.

Company profile:
Skyward, A Verizon Company, is a leading drone operations management platform. The Skyward platform connects all the people, projects, and equipment involved in your drone program into one efficient workflow. Companies and fleet operators configure Skyward to meet their business requirements in order to scale faster and easily manage complex processes. To learn more about Skyward visit www.skyward.io or follow us on Twitter at @skywardio.