Stellar Tire Service Body

Staff | September 28, 2010

Stellar Industries is proud to announce the release of the Stellar® 902 tire service body. This aluminum service body is designed to give tire service shops the ability to operate an economically priced, full service tire truck on a single rear wheel gas or diesel engine chassis. This new package is ideal for metro and fleet tire service providers. The exclusive Stellar 902 body is constructed with industry proven extruded aluminum plank flooring and weighs only 970-pounds. This allows for maximized payload and exceptional fuel economy. The body dimensions are 64”H x 79”W x 109”L and can carry up to 10 truck tires. “This design focuses on providing a stronger, more durable surface that outlasts flat sheet decking commonly found on most competitive tire service bodies,” states Tim Davison, stellar Industries Product Manager, Bodies and Cranes.

The Stellar® 902 body comes with a diesel or gas engine-driven air compressor that is located in the front center of the truck bed. This compressor uses a heavy-duty bulkhead and cover that protects it from the elements and shifting loads within the bed. It has a removable back gate and lid for easy maintenance and service. The Stellar® 902 body boasts a 64”H x 26”W front curbside compartment and a 64”H x 29”W rear compartment. The curbside rear compartment comes standard with one 3/8” x 50’ hose and reel and one ½” x 50’ hose and reel along with a filter and regulator. It is also available with an optional jack box mounted behind the compressor with a side access door located on the curbside of the truck. The other version does not offer a separate jack box. It also comes equipped with a 1300-pound hydraulic liftgate with a grip-strut platform and folding rail tire stop. Options available for the Stellar 902 body include pull-out drawer sets, 12-volt retractable trouble light, 15-pin socket rack and additional floodlights.