Stellar Slider20-S Hooklift

May 21, 2013

The Slider20-S Hooklift is a 20,000-pound-capacity sliding-jib hooklift that can handle container variations of 10 feet to 14 feet, and up to 16-foot flatbeds.

It has a maximum dump angle of 72 degrees. Hook height options for the Slider20-S include a fixed 35.63 inches, a fixed 54 inches, or a hydraulically adjustable 35.63-inch to 54-inch hook height.  Adjusting the hook height to accommodate varying container heights can be done in less than seven seconds without ever leaving the cab, Steller says. The Slider20-S is compatible with a multitude of bodies and containers, including those used on competitive brand hooklifts.

Other standard features of the Slider20-S include hexagonal boom design, zinc-plated pins, and bushings and grease zerks at all pivot points.