StarTrak Acquires MicroLogic

September 28, 2010

StarTrak Systems, a subsidiary of Alanco Technologies, Inc., has announced it has acquired the assets of MicroLogic, a provider of products designed to help Construction and Equipment Rental businesses monitor and track a wide range of high value fleet assets, such as heavy equipment and service and delivery vehicles.

The company’s iSite Solution Suite of products helps maximize equipment utilization, minimize downtime, improve service life by monitoring operating condition and optimizing maintenance schedules, as well as raise resale values.

The MicroLogic iSite Solution Suite includes three main products for construction equipment, service and delivery vehicles:

  • CELogic - an integrated fleet management system that transmits key operating metrics and location data of heavy equipment fleet assets using satellite communications, GPS positioning and Internet technologies.
  • ServiceLogic - for CELogic users, allows customers to monitor and track sales, service and delivery vehicles as well as other on-road assets in real time via a common user interface.
  • TrackerLogic - a global tracking solution for maximizing asset management on equipment that may not have on board battery power.