Improved Productivity and Safety on Jobsites

March 28, 2024
Battery-powered cut-off saws paired with cordless-optimized diamond blades offer run times comparable to standard gas saws—while increasing tool life and reducing maintenance-driven downtime.

Traditional gas saws can come with a slew of considerations and compromises—from fuel costs to maintenance, and even worker safety.

Fortunately, there’s an alternative that helps reduce health and safety issues while providing greater productivity, lower total cost of ownership, and longer tool lifespan: battery-powered cut-off saws.

In certain situations, it’s no surprise that battery-powered cut-off saws are the preferred solution when compared to their gas-powered counterpart. When working indoors, for example, gas-powered cut-off saws create fumes and impact air quality. These vapors are not only undesirable, but can become a serious health issue.

Hilti Nuron Saws
Hilti’s cut-off saws, powered by the all-on-one Nuron battery platform, upgrade jobsite safety and productivity without compromising on performance. With two distinct models, Hilti’s battery-powered cut-off saws tackle a variety of applications. The top-handle Nuron DSH 600-22 cut-off saw functions well in both interior and exterior environments, while the Nuron DSH 700-22 cut-off saw is an excellent choice for outdoor and downward-cutting applications. Its rear-handle design adds to its maneuverability, and a wheelset can be added to guide the saw along the cut for greater precision. Both are ideal for cutting concrete and masonry, curbstones, pavers, asphalt, rebar, metal track, and pipe.

Jessica Clark, Product Manager at Hilti elaborates on the Nuron saws’ key offerings, highlighting multiple benefits:

Improved cutting life. With two sets of Hilti’s B22-170 batteries, users can cut the same footage as a gas saw with a full tank. When paired with two sets of B22-255 batteries, the saws outperform their gas-powered competitor—completing up to 30% more cuts than a gas saw with a full tank. The batteries can be switched out in just seconds, further reducing downtime on the jobsite.

Health and safety advantages. Battery-operated cut-off saws generate no gas fumes, create less vibration and noise, have no cords, and provide an electric brake that stops the saw in less than five seconds when the operator releases the trigger. The saws’ weights are comparable to those of their gas-powered counterparts, yielding more unique benefits without compromising maneuverability.

High performance. Hilti's SPX Universal-A blade was developed in conjunction with its battery saws to help ensure a high-performing system. When used together, the SPX Universal-A blade increases the saw’s performance by up to 30%, compared to other blades.

Longer life, fewer repairs. Battery cut-off saws average 50 to 75% fewer repairs and provide up to twice the tool life due to their brushless electric motors.

More economical. In addition to reducing total cost of ownership over a four-year period compared to a gas saw, battery cut-off saws can experience twice the tool life while reducing repairs by 50-75% and eliminating the possibility of fuel issues.

Clark sums up the benefits: “Battery-powered cut-off saws don’t produce exhaust fumes or gas emissions, and you won’t have to concern yourself with fuel mixing or extra maintenance. You’ll help to create a cleaner and safer jobsite without gas, spark plugs, filters, and premixed oil.”

Diamond Blade Technology
The right blade makes all the difference to get the maximum benefit from a cut-off saw. The best blades have high-quality diamonds that are precisely positioned within each segment of the blade to help ensure maximum cutting speed and enhance the blade's lifespan. In addition, the shape of the blade’s segments should be designed to increase the number of active cutting tracks, generating a faster cutting experience and increased efficiency with less vibration.

Hilti refers to its SPX blade technology as Equidist, which uses quality diamond dust and new-generation pre-alloyed metal powders.

“We specifically created the Hilti SPX Universal A-blade to work with our battery-powered saws to maximize system performance,” explains Clark.“The blade has a high number of gullets to help with efficient slurry and dust removal, thereby reducing friction.” In addition, the blade’s thinner steel core increases both cutting speed and battery life without compromising its strength.

This blade design works equally well on all types of masonry and on reinforced and non-reinforced concrete. “A top-quality blade offers uncompromised, smooth performance over its lifetime,” says Clark.

A High-Performance Alternative
Battery-powered cut-off saws offer more efficient performance and longer life without the combustion engine drawbacks associated with gas tools. New, powerful batteries like those in Hilti’s Nuron saws invalidate the old argument that gasoline-powered tools have longer staying power. Jobsite safety and sustainability are also enhanced by eliminating the fumes and hazards associated with liquid fuel.

“Battery-powered cut-off saws don’t require compromise,” says Clark. “On the contrary, they up the game—offering higher performance, improved efficiency, enhanced safety, longer equipment life, and smoother operation. The batteries are designed to provide universal power to a variety of equipment, and the cut-off blades are specifically tailored to the saw to generate optimal results.”

She concludes, “Battery-powered cut-off saws are the wave of the future.”

Ready to make the switch? Visit our website to learn more about Hilti’s diamond blades and Nuron cut-off saws.