Snorkel A62JRT, T66JRT Aerial Work Platform

November 16, 2011

Designed and built in North America, the Snorkel A62JRT and T66JRT are the newest models in the Snorkel mid-range aerial work platform lineup. The articulated-boom A62JRT has a platform height of 62 feet, and the telescopic-boom T66JRT can elevate its platform to 66 feet.

According to Snorkel, the A62JRT, which replaces the AB60JRT, is designed to provide significantly improved drive and lift capabilities (particularly up-and-over clearance), as well as a 100-percent reduction in tail-swing, compared with its predecessor model. The A62JRT has a large work platform, measuring 96 inches by 39 inches, ample up-and-over clearance (29 feet 6 inches), and a compact length when stowed for transport (27 feet 10 inches.

The A62JRT’s optimized two-wheel steering, says Snorkel, allows the machine to achieve a tight inside turning radius of 4.5 feet.  According to the manufacturer, this tight turning radius, in conjunction with zero tail swing, enables the Snorkel A62JRT to work in extremely confined areas.

Also new to the Snorkel A62JRT is an oscillating front axle with hydrostatic drive.  Oscillation of the front axle is controlled by a valve, which works to keep all four tires in contact with the ground. The axle remains in operation as long as the foot pedal is engaged, whether the machine is stowed or elevated.

The telescopic-boom T66JRT uses a 6-foot jib, but also is available without the jib as model T60RT. These two lifts replace models TB66JRT and TB60RT. The T66JRT, says Snorkel, has the best inside turning radius of any 2-wheel-steer machine in its class (4.5 feet). The T66JRT is designed to be compact, says the manufacturer, having a stowed height of (8 feet 4 inches) and a transport length of 28 feet. Tail swing is reduced to 47 inches.

Both the T66JRT and A62JRT use Snorkel’s new common “Polaris” chassis. Introduced in 2010 on models T40RT and T46JRT booms, the Polaris design, says Snorkel, has proved its ability to provide enhanced lift, drive speed, and rough terrain performance.

Both new models provide proportional control of drive, boom lift and boom lower, as well as continuous 360 degrees turntable rotation.  Control of the telescoping boom, platform and jib functions is infinitely variable via toggle switches and rheostat.