Sneak Peek: Rockland Rock Bucket

September 28, 2010

Sneak Peek: Rockland Rock BucketAlong with its modified spade nose, the HD-V rock bucket has been designed by Rockland Manufacturing with a sloped-bottom design that minimizes bottom and corner wear, and replaceable skid shoes to keep the bucket bottom off the quarry floor. With a capacity of 9 cubic yards, the heavy-duty bucket features fully-supportive bracket foundations – from the loader brackets to the cutting edge – to further increase bottom strength. The HD-V is customizable to machine and application. Other Rockland offerings include a progressive link thumb that follows the bucket’s motion for precise load handling, and the EZ Dig bucket with a unique design of two or three shallow superposed buckets for double the capacity of a normal bucket while tackling sticky, hard, rocky or root-filled trenching applications.

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