Sany SY16C, SY35U Compact Excavators

March 14, 2014

Sany has expanded its hydraulic excavator product line with the addition of its first two compact models, the short-tail swing Sany SY16C and the zero-tail swing Sany SY35U.

The two compact excavators feature Tier 4-certified Yanmar engines and multifunctional attachment operation. The SY16C has an operating weight of 3,858 pounds, a maximum dig depth of 7 feet 8 inches, and a bucket breakout force of 3,417 lb.-ft. The SY35U has an operating weight of 8,333 pounds, maximum dig depth of 10 feet 2 inches, and bucket breakout force of 6,834 lb.-ft. The models join a product lineup that includes five standard-sized excavators, ranging from the SY75C, with an operating weight of 16,050 pounds, to the SY335C, with an operating weight of 79,860 pounds.

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