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Sakai SV610-III Series Soil Compactors

Available in three variations, the 12-ton-class Sakai SV610-III soil roller is powered by a Tier-3 Cummins QSV4.5 turbocharged engines generating 148 horsepower.

June 01, 2009

Powered by Tier-3 Cummins QSV4.5 turbocharged engines generating 148 horsepower, 12-ton-class Sakai SV610-III Series soil rollers come in three variations, each standard with dual amplitude. The SV610D-III smooth-drum roller weighs in at 27,555 pounds and is suited for rock and granular materials; the SV610T-III padfoot roller weighs 27,710 pounds and is designed for cohesive materials, silts and clays; and the SV610TF-III is a padfoot/smooth combination that weighs 32,560 pounds. With a drum width of 84 inches, each Sakai SV610-III roller is equipped with a two-brake, three-way-failsafe system.

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The SA33L2-R trench roller has 24.6 horsepower and comes standard with an infrared remote control system for safe operation and ease of use.

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