RUD Rotogrip Snow Chains

Staff | September 28, 2010

RUD's Rotogrip — ideal for heavy commercial vehicles, snow clearance, delivery work, and transport (on and off-highway) under the Road Regulations for Hazardous Goods — is designed for safe deployment, in motion, from the vehicle's driver's seat.

The press of a button mounted on the cab's console causes an electro-pneumatic piston to lower the Rotogrip's supporting arm and a flail-like, radial array of rotating 30-centimeter lengths of 5-millimeter flat-link chain. The spinner has a tough, rubberised surface that is pressed against the vehicle's wheel. The motion of the wheel draws the chains under it, providing a constantly moving 'mat' for traction over hard-packed ice and snow. When conditions improve, the mechanism is withdrawn by another press of the button.

The system's forged steel cylinder, which lowers and raises the supporting arm, has a pre-tensioned spring that absorbs the stresses on the spinners and chain. This feature protects the Rotogrip, provides smooth running and minimizes tire wear. Replacement of wear parts is minimal. Fitting kits are available for most makes of commercial vehicle. There are three models available:

  • The Rotogrip 1 is usually fitted to heavy trucks, coaches, snow plows, and fire engines.
  • The electrically operated Rotogrip-3 suits smaller vehicles that don't have compressed-air systems such as transits, ambulances and police vans.
  • New: The Rotogrip CS (Compact Solution) is designed to fit modern trucks and buses where rear axle space is restricted by low-profile tires and pneumatic suspension assemblies.