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Riveer WashMaster 500 Water Reclamation System


Fluid Recovery and Recycling Systems

The WashMaster 500 closed-loop degreasing and wash water reclamation system from Riveer is a zero-discharge system with a pressure washer, wash rack for wash water containment and a filtration system for solids separation, oil coalescing, water treatment, and recycling.

The system is engineered for industrial applications where the cleaning and degreasing of large parts, assemblies and equipment are required. WashMaster provides a movable, enclosed area for washing. The system contains effluent by using a diaphragm pump to ensure sustainable, compliant operations. The low profile rack sits only five inches off the ground and features a full width ramp for easy access, even for low-clearance forklifts, man lifts, dollies, and maintenance equipment.

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