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Remotely Change Fluids, Lubes


Oil Evacuation Systems

Sage Oil Vac 21120
Valves on top of the tanks allow the end-user to create vacuum in the old-oil tank or pressurize either of the four new-oil tanks.

Designed to be placed on the bed of a truck, Professional Series model 21120 from Sage Oil Vac features remote operation to keep end-users' feet planted firmly on the ground, not crawling to the front of the skid to operate the air compressor. A toggle switch at the back of the unit is wired to the compressor.

The company is targeting lube and service trucks with the 21120, says Kim Sage, marketing coordinator, and this skid-mounted model is the first to feature remote operation.

The 21120 skid contains four 60-gallon new-fluid tanks and one 120-gallon used-fluid tank. An air compressor in front and hose reel in back rounds out the configuration. The 5.5-horsepowoer Puma air compressor produces 12.5 cfm and anchors the Sage Oil Vac system, replacing the pumps that typically power lube and oil-replacement systems, says Sage.

"We use the air compressor to create a vacuum in the used-oil tank," she says, which draws the old oil out of the machine and into the tank. When the process is complete, a valve on the tank switches off. The drain plug is reinserted, then valves on the new-oil tank are switched on and the air compressor creates the necessary pressure to dispense the new oil into the machine. An entire 55-gallon drum of new oil can be transferred at an estimated rate of 5 to 7 minutes, the company says.

The system is 100-percent enclosed, which eliminates spills and contamination, and protects the end-user. Hoses use adapters and quick-connect fittings. An optional used filter receptacle collects oil from the filters, which drain as they hang upside down on a series of pegs. Filters can be disposed of when empty; accumulated oil is vacuumed into the used-oil tank. The unit sits beneath the hose reels at the back of the skid.

According to the company, the major benefits of the system are the ability for fleet managers to buy oil in bulk, and the reduced risk of fines caused by spilling. Maintenance times are cut in half, the company says, enabling machines to be put back to work more quickly. Model 21120 costs $13,280 with two-year warranties on the compressor and hose reel.

Model 21120 Specifications
Tanks 5
Length 9Œ 6
Width 4Œ
Empty weight 1,930 pounds
Normal operating weight 3,244 pounds