Radio-Controlled Trowel Finishes 4,000 Square Feet a Day

By Larry Stewart, Executive Editor | September 28, 2010

Tibroc Radio-Controlled Concrete Finisher
Aluminum and stainless-steel construction keep the Radio-Controlled Concrete Finisher light and corrosion resistant.
Tibroc trowel at work
Tibroc says one of its Radio-Controlled Concrete Finishers can outwork 10 men working manually.

Tibroc says its Radio-Controlled Concrete Finisher can finish 4,000 square feet of concrete per day without requiring anybody to set foot on a slab. Forward, backward, rotation right and left, slide right and left, trowel speed and pitch are all controlled from a six-channel transmitter operating at 75 MHz. The remote control has a range of ¼ mile.

Trowel speed is variable from 1 to 120 rpm, and trowel pitch can be varied from 0 to 35 degrees. Electric motors adjust trowel pitch according to the operator's input from the remote control.

The Radio-Controlled Concrete Finisher is powered by a 50cc, 2.5-hp, four-stroke Honda engine. The spiders are chain driven, and the finisher carries an electric generator to supply DC power to its electrical components. Dual gyroscopes are built in for stability.

The hand-held remote control is powered by rechargeable batteries, and it comes with chargers and a protective aluminum case.

Tibroc's finisher is assembled in the San Diego area and retails for $4,999.99. Chris Corbitt, from Tibroc, says the company designed its first unit around residential-construction applications. Keeping its weight down to 90 pounds — about half that of most walk-behind power trowels — makes the unit light enough for one person to handle. He says larger models are on the drawing board.

Basic Specifications
Weight 90 pounds
Length 40 inches
Width 22 inches
Trowel speed 1 – 120 rpm
Trowel pitch 0 – 35 degrees
Remote 6-channel transmitter @ 75 MHz, ¼-mile range
Engine 2.5-hp Honda