Rack & Pinion Hoist Offers a Safe Alternative

Staff | September 28, 2010

Beta Max Inc.'s Max Climber™ 1000 Rack & Pinion Hoist is designed to ensure optimum safety when lifting general building materials in the construction, restoration, scaffolding, facility maintenance and power plant markets. The unit is equipped with features that allow operators to easily and safely use the hoist with better control.

Designed in compliance with current safety regulations, the hoist comes standard with a push button pendant and upper and lower limit switch assembly, enabling easy up and down movement that instantly stops when the limit switches are activated.

Additionally, the hoist comes equipped with a downward interruption sensor that will automatically stop operation if it senses a foreign object in its path. Separate over-speed brakes serve as the emergency back-up and prevent free-falling. If the hoist is descending more quickly than recommended, the over-speed brakes automatically activate and stop the hoist. Over-load sensing devices prevent the hoist from operating and alert operators when it becomes too hot, ultimately preventing hoist burnout.

The hoist can travel up to 400 feet and can accommodate a maximum payload of 1,000 pound and a pivoting materials basket measuring 67 inches by 40 inches allows for easy loading and unloading of materials.

The Max Climber 1000 is available with mounting clamps that can be used to attach to scaffolding or anchor to a building. Optional wheels and truck-loading device allow for easy transport in any industry and for faster and convenient service, the unit also features a removable controller and manual break release lever. All Beta Max Hoist Systems meet or exceed ANSI and OSHA specifications.