Power-Train Enhancements for JCB 457

By Walt Moore, Editor | April 2, 2012

The JCB 457 is the new flagship model in the company’s wheel loader range, replacing the model 456 and incorporating a Tier 4-Interim engine, drive-train enhancements, and operator-station refinement. The new 457 provides a choice of Z-bar or parallel loader linkage to best suit operating conditions and can be fitted with JCB’s quick-hitch coupler system, which will accommodate existing buckets and attachments.

The new wheel loader’s 8.9-liter engine produces 250 horsepower (16 percent more that the 456) and delivers 18 percent more torque (now rated at 800 lb.-ft.). Engine features include a variable geometry turbocharger, high-pressure common-rail fuel- injection system, diesel oxidation catalyst, and diesel particulate filter.

The 457’s ECO mode is designed to reduce engine output for lighter duties and to provide fuel savings, compared with the previous engine.

Drive-train enhancements include JCB’s Intelligent Clutch Cut-Off, which allows the 457 to develop maximum hydraulic power at low travel speeds when the operator depresses the brake pedal—ideal for truck loading, says JCB, while reducing power to the driveline for greater control at lower travel speeds. In addition, says JCB, the system also reduces brake wear within the axles.

The 457 is equipped with a four-speed transmission as standard equipment, but can be fitted with an optional five-speed transmission with a lock-up feature. The optional transmission allows torque-converter lock-up in gears 2-5, reducing power losses from the transmission, says JCB, while further increasing fuel economy, delivering faster acceleration, increasing torque for hill climbing, and allowing faster load-and-carry operations.

An optional differential-locking system automatically locks the differential (when required, with no input from the operator) for maximum tractive effort, resulting, says JCB, in reduced wheel spin, reduced tire wear, and reduced fuel consumption, while boosting productivity.

According to JCB, the new machine has a higher level of interior finish, featuring a revised instrument panel and a new full-color LCD monitor that can be used to access additional information through the screen’s intuitive menu, including fuel consumption, cycle data, and other working information.

The JCB Smooth Ride System now can be adjusted to activate at any speed, allowing the system to be tailored to individual site requirements. Also, says the company, operators can disable lift-height and bucket-angle detents from the cab, further improving controllability. Control choices include conventional multi levers, single joystick with separate auxiliary control, and single joystick with integral proportional controls for auxiliary hydraulics.  Full climate control is now available as an option for more precise control of cab temperature.