Nobody Kicks Sand at This Body

By Walt Moore, Senior Editor | September 28, 2010

The cargo deck of the new body is 50 inches wide and has a 10-inch-tall tailgate that can fold down 180 degrees and allows single-hand operation.
The Dominator field-service truck features integrated front outriggers, which provide added cab-to-body and exhaust clearance. A 36-gallon hydraulic reservoir is mounted under the deck and has a sight gauge for convenient checks.

Iowa Mold Tooling (IMT) recently introduced a technically enhanced version of its Dominator field-service vehicle and telescopic crane. The changes, very simply, says IMT, are aimed at making the operator's job easier and at adding strength and durability. Many of the enhancements, in fact, says product specialist Tim Worman, are the result of IMT's soliciting the opinions of field-service-vehicle owners.

The new Dominator II body, with an estimated weight ranging from 3,650 to 4,310 pounds, is designed for installation on class-6 and class-7 trucks and is built especially to accommodate cranes rated up to 60,000 foot-pounds. Standard body lengths are 11, 13 and 14 feet (custom configurations are available), and width is 96 inches. The new body, says IMT, is engineered for use in maintaining mid-size to large equipment and for lifting applications.

According to IMT, the new Dominator crane body features a "design that provides the greatest structural integrity, yet maintains the lowest unit weight available." An integral part of this design, says the company, is a patent-pending, inverted-A-frame substructure, which is fabricated of 10-gauge material and incorporates an integral crane box, front outrigger receptacles and rear outrigger housing. As an added benefit, the sub-structure allows hydraulic plumbing and electrical wiring to be routed in the framework for protection.

A significant refinement in the design of the new body's crane is the repositioning of the winch from the back of the mast to the boom, making the boom easier and safer to stow. Also, the crane can be equipped with a tethered, 40-foot control pendant, or with the new IMT radio remote control system. According to IMT, the latter system incorporates digital technology that eliminates the risk of "dropped" signals and contributes to overall efficiency.

At the back of the new body is the redesigned workbench/bumper. The sturdy work surface, 5/16-inch thick, is a full 24 inches deep, and its trailing edge has an overhang for clamping. A weather-tight cross compartment is positioned under the work surface, and the hefty vertical plate at the rear of the work surface incorporates a 2-inch receiver tube and pintle-hitch mount, along with accommodations for trailer electrical hookups. Other features in this area include large, non-slip steps and taillights positioned for maximum visibility.

And, not to be forgotten, are the new body's redesigned compartment doors, which are constructed of 14-gauge, corrosion-resistant steel and have hemmed edges. Eves over the doors are new and keep rain from dripping into open compartments. Door latches are also new, featuring a rotary, three-point design and made of cast-steel with a powder-coat finish. Hinges are stainless steel with composite washers.