New Solar-V Models Have Green Engines

By Walt Moore, Senior Editor | September 28, 2010

Daewoo Heavy Industries & Machinery recently introduced a sparkling new hydraulic-excavator line, the Series-V, which includes eight crawler models and three wheel models. Approximate operating weights for the crawler models range from the 55 V's 12,000 pounds, to 48,000 pounds for the 470 LC-V, and from 29,000 to 43,000 pounds for the wheeled models. Wheeled models—the Solar 140 WV, 180 WV and 210 WV—are all available with either a mono-boom or an articulated boom, the latter being a two-piece structure (which works with conventional digging arms) to increase excavating flexibility and to provide a more-compact transport package.

Daewoo says the engines in Series-V models are "green," meeting the U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Tier-II and European Stage-II regulations. Horsepower settings for these new engines range from 54 to 312 and are up as much as 7 percent compared to predecessor models. The new engines feature transparent water separators, environmental drains and easy access to the radiator for quick cleaning. Large-capacity, slower-turning fans work with newly designed mufflers to reduce sound from the engine compartment. Daewoo says fuel consumption in the new models is equal to, and in most instances less than, that of previous models.

The new Solar-V models also feature Daewoo's e-EPOS (Electronic Power Optimizing System) for managing the engine/hydraulics package, resulting in increased operating capacity and efficiency, as well as fuel economy, says the company. New control valves and control levers are designed for smoother, more responsive control of implement hydraulics, and these electronically controlled circuits are powered by dual, variable-displacement, axial-piston pumps producing working pressures of nearly 5,000 psi in the power-boost mode.

For the operator, Daewoo's "total-isolating seal design" is aimed at making sound levels inside the cab "comparable to that in a modern car." The cab incorporates the company's viscous-sealed mounting system, coupled with design elements in the frame, cabin and seat that absorb vibration. Air conditioning is standard equipment and the system features an enhanced defroster system for year-round visibility. The cab monitor is also brand-new, featuring a two-screen display that provides engine vitals on the top and operating graphics below. The monitor is streamlined in design and easy to use, allowing selection of the two excavating modes and power modes.

Basic Specifications
Model Weight (lb.)
470 LC-V 103,400
420 LC-V 90,830
340 LC-V 74,700
300 LC-V 65,270
255 LC-V 54,200
225 LC-V 47,400
175 LC-V 38,360
55 V 12,125
210 WV 43,651
180 WV 39,021
140 WV 28,800