Moxy MT51 ADT Totes 51 Tons

By Larry Stewart, Executive Editor | September 28, 2010

Bauma visitors were the first to see Moxy's 68,900-pound MT51 articulated hauler, a 40-ton-sized truck that can move nearly 51 tons.

Moxy challenged conventional articulated-hauler wisdom by taking the capacity of its new MT51 to nearly 51 tons. The articulated truck's 68,900-pound unladen weight is lighter than three competitors in the 40-ton class.

The truck is surprisingly compact, matching the wheelbase of the MT41. Overall length, height (bed down), and width are about the same as Caterpillar's 740. The MT51's 11 foot-8 inch loading height, however, is higher than any ADT on the market — even that of Bell's new 50 tonner, the B50D.

The Cummins QSX15 six-cylinder diesel engine rated at 510 horsepower, an Allison 4600 ORS automatic transmission, and a two-speed drop box deliver power to the axles.

Moxy's unconventional rear frame slopes down toward the articulation joint. Combined with a wide stance, it lowers the truck's center of gravity. The result, the company claims, is stability that eliminates temptation to invest in costly wide, low profile tires.

A new cab, and the company's nitrogen-charged independent front suspension keep the driver comfortable. All Moxy artic dumps have permanent six-wheel drive for equal power distribution, with limited-slip differentials (maximum 45 percent lockup) on each axle.

Moxy believes strongly that its unique articulation joint, which places the hinge behind the turning ring, distributes weight to each wheel more equally in tight turns and rough terrain than competitive hinges that place the hinge in front of the ring.

Moxy vs. The Biggest ADTs
Engine Net Horsepower Payload (lb.) Turn radius Unladen weight (lb.)
Caterpillar 740 Cat C15 ACERT 436 83,775 28′ 2″ 72,400
Volvo A 40 EFS Volvo D16 464 85,800 n/a 67,320
Bell B 50 D Mercedes Benz OM502LA 506 100,090 31′ 7″ 79,704
Moxy MT 51 Cummins QSX15 503 101,794 29′ 2″ 68,860