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Miller Electric CST 282 Stick/TIG Welder


Welding Equipment, Electrical

A welding power unit

The CST 282 stick/TIG welder is designed for construction, shipbuilding, pipe welding, and maintenance and repair applications.

It can be plugged into nearly any source of primary power on the job site. The power source provides 280 amps of welding performance and the machine includes a digital meter that provides precise control when presetting or monitoring welding amperage. In addition, voltage reducing device technology reduces output when the operator isn’t welding, improving safety by reducing the potential harm from inadvertent contact with the electrode during non-welding pauses, the company says.

The CST 282 also includes Auto-Line power management technology and weighs 34.6 pounds, making it 6 pounds lighter than the previous CST model. The power source also provides simplicity for operators, with a push-button interface that uses welder’s language to improve ease of use.

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