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Miller Electric

March 12, 2008

The PRO 300 diesel welding generator has been improved by using fewer and more robust electronic components. An optional 4-cylinder, 24-horsepower Deutz engine provides more power for using larger electrodes and gouging with carbons up to1/4-inch diameter, the company says. More power also compensates for less oxygen when working in higher elevations. The unit also offers better E6010 performance for downhill pipe welding, as well as better MIG, flux cored and TIG arc starts. The PRO 300 provides 20 to 410 amps of welding power, as well as 12,000 watts of peak generator power.

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Miller Electric Bobcat 200 Air Pak delivers compressed air, generator power, battery charging/cranking assist, and stick welding capabilities

Unit measures 47 inches long, 20 inches wide, and 24 inches high

The Big Blue 600 Air Pak welder/generator is designed for field-based work that requires single-operator power for welding, carbon arc gouging, auxiliary power, or running an air compressor to perform repair and maintenance functions.

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