Miller Electric

By Heather Burlingame, Senior Production Editor | September 28, 2010

Miller Electric plasma cutterThe Spectrum 1251 air plasma cutting system has a 100-amp output and can sever 1.75-inch steel with a rated cutting capacity of 1.25 inches, the company says. Rated cutting capacity is the speed at which an operator achieves a smooth, steady cut at 10 inches per minute (ipm). The 1251 cuts 3/4-inch steel at 25 ipm, 5/8-inch steel at 40 ipm, and 1/4-inch steel at 140 ipm. Replacing the Spectrum 1250, the 1251 weighs 97 pounds, compared to the predecessor's 416, using the company's Auto-Line power-management technology. It carries a three-year factory warranty.