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Maxam MS708 Loader Tires


Tires, On- and Off-Highway

Maxam MS708 loader tires

The Maxam MS708 Series is now available in 30/75-29 and 18.00-25 sizes, and is designed to be a zero-maintenance, three-stage solution for heavy-duty wheel loaders and underground mining applications.

The 18.00-25 is a size for underground mining, while the 30/75-29 is a solid tire replacement for heavy-duty loader applications using 29.5R25, 29.5R29, and 875/65R29 sizes. The low durometer center compound combined with patented “Double D” apertures allows the MS708 to provide an excellent ride versus two-stage products, the company says. It also has a high traction and wearable tread pattern with 50 percent tread rubber, increasing its footprint as it wears and transitions through four distinct tread patterns. The MS708 then ends in a standard L5 pattern.

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