Lincoln Electric

September 28, 2010

Lincoln ElectricLincoln Electric has expanded its Invertec welding line with the new V205-T DC and with an enhanced version of the V205-T AC/DC TIG welder. The Invertec V205-T AC/DC TIG welder is a compact TIG power source intended for critical AC or DC TIG welding. Updates in the machine include added circuitry in the stick-crisp mode for enhanced 6010 electrode welding performance, improved TIG arc starting and selectable start polarity, as well as adjustable TIG strike current, a widened AC TIG start-power range for minimizing tungsten erosion, and a Voltage Reduction Device. The Invertec V205-T DC has the same features, minus AC TIG welding. The new welder’s output rating is 200 amps at 40-percent duty cycle.