September 28, 2010

Lincoln Precision TIG 225 Welding SourceOperating at as low as 5 amps on both AC and DC for thin materials, ranging up to a maximum of 230 amps for heavier TIG and stick-welding applications, the Precision TIG 225 welding source from Lincoln Electric offers arc performance for applications ranging from aluminum and sheet-metal fabrication to automotive welding. Lincoln’s patented Micro-Start II technology minimizes high frequency used for arc starting and delivers enhanced arc stability throughout the welding cycle, virtually eliminating arc wandering. Another Lincoln-exclusive feature, AC Auto-Balance control takes the guesswork out of setting the ratio of optimal cleaning action and penetration levels for AC welding applications. The Precision TIG 225 also features a standard pulse control that allows users to visually set the desired pulse frequency before ever striking a welding arc.