Husqvarna LFe 60 LAT is the company's first electric plate compactor

Aug. 28, 2023
Electric forward plate compactor weighs 194 pounds.

The LFe 60 LAT Husqvarna compactor is the company's first battery-powered vibratory plate compactor. Operating weight is 194 pounds, and the forward plate compactor has a 13.78-inch plate that produces 7,670 lb.-ft. of centrifugal force.

The plate compactor runs on the Honda eGX battery platform.

The LFe 60 LAT electric compactor has a push-start button, transport wheels, and a handle that folds for compact transport increase efficiency. The removeable, easy-to-fill water tank allows for precise control of water flow. At the same time, the bottom plate and water sprinkling system are designed to prevent fresh asphalt from sticking to the equipment or creating marks on the ground.