Vanair PowerFlex Product Family for Work Vehicles

Nov. 19, 2015

The PowerFlex product family is Tier 4-compliant and includes: the diesel-engine-driven HPU (Hydraulic Power Unit); the AE (Air Compressor and Generator); the AH (Air Compressor and Hydraulics); and the AEH (Air Compressor, Generator and Hydraulic capabilities).

The HPU provides hydraulic power solutions with the truck engine off. This system enables the operator to activate a variable hydraulic displacement pump for maximum efficiency, providing up to 13gpm for aerial devices and hydraulic cranes. The HPU is equipped with 250 amps of DC charging capabilities to power a vehicle’s strobe lights, rotating beacons, auxiliary work lights, communication equipment and other auxiliary needs. The AE, AH and AEH are all equipped with an air compressor providing up to 40cfm at 150 psi. The difference between the models is the customer’s ability to add or subtract components.