Kubota M59 Backhoe Loader

September 28, 2010
The new Kubota M59 backhoe loader, built with an integral mainframe and providing a maximum digging depth of 12 feet, features a 59-horsepower (gross) Kubota E-TVCS four-cylinder diesel engine and the company’s HST Plus hydrostatic transmission. The transmission also features a “backhoe crawling mode” that allows moving the tractor at “creep” speed while at the backhoe controls — a feature, says Kubota, that saves time and operator effort when repositioning along lengthy trenches. The new four-wheel-drive machine also uses a heavy-duty rear axle with multiple-wet-disc brakes. The M59 incorporates a PTO (540 rpm) for powering such tools as rotary tillers and post-hole augers, and an optional Category I/II three-point hitch is available. (The hitch stores on board when the backhoe is installed.) The backhoe is designed for easy removal, and the loader features a universal (skid-steer-type) coupler for using various work tools.