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Komatsu Signs Agreement on Batteries for Electric Excavators


Cut out art of a battery-powered excavator

Komatsu has signed a collaboration agreement with Proterra to receive the supply of Proterra’s battery systems with the aim of having Komatsu electrify its small and medium-sized hydraulic excavators.

Komatsu plans to advance the PoC (Proof of Concept) tests starting this year and enter commercial production of its electric excavators in 2023 to 2024.

Through its Proterra Powered program, the company delivers its battery systems and electrification solutions to help heavy-duty and commercial vehicle manufacturers around the world electrify their vehicles. 

In April 2020, Komatsu launched the PC30E-5 electric mini excavator. For its small and medium-sized models, Komatsu is going to receive high-performance batteries and peripherals which Proterra has developed with its technology accumulated over the years as a North American manufacturer of electric transit vehicles.

At the same time, Komatsu is going to collaborate with Proterra as one of its strategic partners of PoC tests. In the course of PoC tests, Proterra and Komatsu will develop an optimal battery system for small and medium-sized hydraulic excavators which require a large amount of output.

Proterra’s flexible battery platform leverages energy density and is highly customizable, an important advantage that enables Komatsu to achieve optimal packaging of the batteries in excavators by combining them with Komatsu-developed key components.

Komatsu also expects to generate additional benefits by integrating the partner’s technology with its own, such as integral technology for the development of machine bodies.