Kawasaki FX850V-EFI Engine Extends Fuel-Injected Line

November 16, 2016
Kawasaki FX850V-EFI Engine Extends Fuel-Injected Line

FX850V-EFI engine extends the company’s EFI line and incorporates a fully integrated electronic governor (e-Gov) and an advanced ECU that instantly matches power to cutting load and ground speed.

Developed specifically for the commercial market, the EFI system is available on select models of FX Series and FS Series engines, with plans to incorporate it in additional models. The FX850V-EFI joins two other units that currently employ the system: FX730V-EFI and FS730V-EFI. The load-matching e-Gov system keeps drive wheels and cutting blades working at peak productivity, and the elimination of power loss through the entire load range lets operators move quickly through almost any turf conditions, according to the company. Powerplant outputs range from 25.5 horsepower to 29.5 horsepower in the FX850V-EFI.