J.M. Coull Receives Workforce Training Grant

September 28, 2010

J.M. Coull announced today that the company has received a workforce training grant from the commonwealth of Massachusetts to provide professional development training for its employees. In pursuit of one of its core values, 'unrelenting improvement,' J.M. Coull applied for and received a general grant from the Workforce Training Fund, which requires an employer match and the completion of the training to occur within two years of receipt. The grant, which specifies funds must be used for the betterment of employees, was sought by J.M. Coull as another tool for the professional development of its employees, an important tenet in the company's mission. Change Dynamics, a specialized training consulting firm from Ayer, MA, was selected by J.M. Coull to develop and lead the training program. Training takes place during business hours on a biweekly basis and involves employees from every department within the company.