September 28, 2010

The IntelliStick is a patented dipstick replacement designed to monitor and report the condition of automotive engine oil in real time. According to the manufacturer, the IntelliStick system “electronically monitors anti-wear conditions in engine oil and continuously scans for water/coolant and fuel intrusions.” The system’s sensor, says the company, “communicates with any Microsoft Windows-based Bluetooth-enabled PDA, cell phone or laptop.” The product is designed to provide a continuously updated picture of engine-oil condition, and to promote optimum drain intervals. According to the manufacturer, the Intellistick system is based “on a patented type of conductivity test that applies low voltage with slow varying waveforms across two sensor arrays. The system measures changes in the electrochemical current flow caused by additive-package depletion, and by impurities that accumulate over time in the oil. As more additives are depleted, most notably antioxidants and detergents, the oil’s conductivity is compromised, which leads to a corresponding reduction in the IntelliStick sensor reading.”