Increased Use of Fly Ash in Concrete Acceptable, Study Finds

September 28, 2010

A new study just released by the RMC Research & Education Foundation finds that using more fly ash in the production of concrete still results in an acceptable performance.

The study entitled, New Technology-Based Approach to Advance Higher Volume Fly Ash Concrete with Acceptable Performance, was conducted at the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association’s Research Laboratory. It received funding from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) through its Combustion Byproducts Recycling Consortium, in addition to the Foundation.

The potential for the concrete industry to integrate a greater amount of recycled material within their mixtures while maintaining strength and performance, and the resulting positive environmental implications, made supporting the project an easy decision notes the Foundation’s leadership.

"Use of recycled materials, such as fly ash, in the production of concrete is just one of the many ways that the concrete industry can continue to be more sustainable," said RMC Research & Education Foundation Chairman George Gregory, adding "All industries need to do what they can to increase the use of recycled materials. The findings of this report will allow the concrete industry to utilize more fly ash while ensuring that concrete remains a high quality, high performance building material."

Foundation Executive Director Julie Garbini noted, "Meeting a high environmental standard is a primary concern to the concrete and construction industries as evidenced by the tremendous popularity of the Foundation’s CD Research Supporting Sustainable Development to which this study will be added. This project is also an excellent example of what can be accomplished through partnership between industry organizations and the federal government."

The study is available for download at the Foundation’s website at and is also available on CD as part of the Foundation’s Research Supporting Sustainable Development CD. The mission of the RMC Research & Education Foundation is to support research and educational programs that will increase professionalism and quality in the concrete industry.