Generac Light Towers

Feb. 20, 2017

The MLT6SMD, PLT240 LINKTower, and MLT4060MVD light towers have four 240-watt LED lights. The MLT6SMD and MLT4060MVD feature a multispeed EcoSpeed engine that runs at low speed when the LED lights are on, conserving fuel, reducing emissions, and extending run time up to 580 hours on one tank of fuel.

The compact design of the PLT240 LINKTower is intended for easy transportation and maneuverability, yet still having the same illumination power as a full-size LED light tower. Powered by a standard 120-volt outlet, it can be run off any other power source, including another light tower, and can be used indoors because it has no exhaust emissions. Multiple LINKTower units can be connected together to accommodate larger mobile lighting needs.

The MLT6SMD light tower has a deployed mast height of 23 feet and comes standard with Power Zone Autolight Controller, which includes dusk-to-dawn settings to conserve energy.